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Clean Innovation
We generate renewable energy utilizing a state of the art, nearly zero emissions Biomass Pyrolysis technology. Our system efficiently converts various feedstocks into clean synthetic natural gas (SNG) then to power.

Total Recycling
Renewable Power
Renewable Power & Recycling Center

By integrating the latest smart recycling & clean gasification technologies, we are able to recover the full energy potential of biomass feed stock while greatly reducing disposal costs and the negative environmental impact from landfilling. 

We are committed to having a positive impact in the communities we serve. We develop and nurture a wide variety of community outreach and education programs to benefit and enrich the local community and promote science education and sustainability.
Our comprehensive recycling system effectively sorts & separates various unsorted wastes. Recyclable items are separated for re-use and then the remaining is processed into a renewable feedstock. 

Clean renewable base load power is generated and distributed locally utilizing local waste as feed stock. We generate cost effective, dependable clean power & steam, providing energy security & diversity.

Educational Enrichment
Our innovative, interactive K-12 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Education Program, includes field trips, scholarship program and other educational initiatives to strengthen and enrich the local community.

Green Job Creation
Environmental Impact
There are significant economic benefits of producing high-value, clean energy products from low cost, readily available feed stock. Each Renewable Power & Recycling Center provides measurable economic development and permanent job creation.

​Each Renewable Power Center has a significant positive impact on the environment. By processing waste into renewable power, volumes of garbage will be permanently diverted from landfills, resulting in the immediate improvement of local water, soil and air quality. Harmful pollution & GHG emissions are also immediately reduced.

The voyage of 
discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

- Marcel Proust